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  • 28A Dartmouth Road
  • Dublin 6
  • Ireland

This 2-part Friday night workshop series is designed for yin yoga students and teachers who wish to explore some deeper layers of their yin yoga practice. 

While the starting-point for the yin practice must always be the sensations in the physical body, once target areas are covered there are a myriad of options open to us. 

In this 2-part series we will look a little closer at the mind and heart, seeking always to know ourselves a bit better in the process, and realising ultimately how yin yoga can play an integral and healing role in that journey.

Have you been practising yin yoga for some time? Do you have some questions you'd like to ask? Do you need some guidance in terms of where to take your yin practice? Are you curious about how a regular yin practice can help you in your life off the yoga mat? 

These workshops might be just what your body, heart, and mind are seeking.

You are welcome to sign up for one or both workshops. Investment: 25€ for one, €45 for both. If you have any questions at all please email me at gracetempany@gmail.com