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  • 382 North Circular Road
  • Dublin, County Dublin, D07 YFT5
  • Ireland

One of the most powerful aspects of yin yoga is its capacity to restore balance where there is imbalance, calm where there is unease. 

Yin yoga postures, sequenced to target stomach (yang) and spleen (Yin) meridian lines, can bring significant relief to those experiencing excessive anxiety. 

You can expect a healthy dose of hip flexor TLC as we target and strengthen the spleen – when the spleen is strong we find great stores or creativity, but if it is weakened we may find that we are unreasonably worried or anxious.

This class will begin and end with extra long meditations to bring you back to your most grounded self, so you can emerge with renewed intention, willpower, and awareness of the possibilities for change.

This 2-hour yin yoga class is suitable for all students.

Beginners to the practice are most welcome.