• Yogahub (map)
  • 382 North Circular Road
  • Dublin 7, County Dublin, D07 YFT5
  • Ireland

In this 2-hour workshop we will focus in particular on the upper back, chest and neck, arms and shoulders. While we marinate in long yin postures we will explore how we can practise mindfulness or link in an already-established meditation or mindfulness practice.

It was Carl Jung who said “what you resist persists”, and many others since have offered their own take on this. I've always believed yin provides a wonderful opportunity to put Jung’s theory to the test; There are many times in this life when we are confronted with challenges in some shape or form, but our ability to grow from these challenges is dependent on our ability to accept them and to allow them be part of our experience.

Many of us hold a great deal of tension around the upper back and in between the shoulder blades, so this workshop will make those target areas a priority.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, and beginners to yoga are most welcome.

All materials are provided at the studio.