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Function vs Aesthetics: Skeletal Variation and the 'Skeleton in the Closet'.

Tension and Compression: What all yoga teachers can learn from the yin approach - SPINE & SHOULDER FOCUS.

“In a functional approach to yoga there is no perfect pose. Each hand and foot position helps or inhibits our ability to stress the target areas. The most effective way to do this varies from person to person.”        (Paul Grilley)

If you have ever found yourself wondering just why that particular yoga student who has been practising for years has stopped making visible signs of progress? Or is there a pose you have been struggling with for years that you simply can't 'execute'? 

There's a very good chance that it's individual bone structure that is stopping both you and your student, and considering how this impacts on our 'shape' in the pose is now an essential part of yoga teacher training and CPD.

This morning we will focus on some common poses targeting the spine and shoulders where we can explore tension and compression to better understand the function of each pose rather than its aesthetic. We will also explore how we might cue differently in our teaching in order to include everybody - and every body - in our classes.

This workshop is open to teachers and experienced yoga students.

If you have any questions at all please email me at gracetempany@gmail.com

This workshop is valid for 3 CPD units with Yoga Alliance if you are registered with them as an RYT. 

Investment: €50

(Part 1: Hip Focus is offered on November 17th between 10-1 also in Yoga Dublin Dundrum).