• Maitri Studio Belfast (map)
  • 4 The Mount
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT5 4NA
  • United Kingdom

Grace Tempany (DubYinYoga)
A 30-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
(Yoga Alliance 30hours CEUs)

Maitri Studio Belfast, 4 The Mount, Belfast BT5 4NA, UK

Training Intentions

  • To equip teachers with the tools necessary to teach yin yoga effectively

  • To support teachers in translating their personal experience of the yin practice into a potent offering for their students

  • To further develop teachers’ teaching and space-holding skills

  • To encourage a deepening of each trainee’s personal practice.

    Training Content
    This training will take place over three days, from 9am-6pm daily.

    The content will include the following:

  • The Philosophical Underpinnings of Yin Yoga

  • The Core Tenets of the Yin Yoga practice

  • The Yin Poses

  • Using Props in Yin Yoga

  • The Functional Approach – Anatomy and Skeletal Variation

  • Linking in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Meridian Mapping

  • Exploring the Mind – Incorporating Meditation

  • Yin Yoga Teaching Skills

    Trainees will be expected to complete an assignment which will be submitted by email some weeks after the completion of the training (dates to be confirmed with Grace).

    This training is valid for 30 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) with Yoga Alliance

    Target Audience
    This training is designed to cater to the individual needs of the following people:

  • Yin Yoga Students wishing to deepen their practice

  • Yoga students unfamiliar with yin who wish to totally immerse themselves in the learning environment for three days, and gain insight through the three lengthy yin practices.

  • Current Yoga Teachers who wish to include yin yoga in their offering

  • Yin Yoga Training Graduates who may have already completed some training, but do not yet feel ready to teach. This yin training adopts a very practical approach (All trainees will teach on Day 3) – the entire pedagogical premise is that every trainee wishing to teach yin yoga will leave feeling confident in his or her ability to do just that.

    Training Investment
    The investment for this training is €479. An early bird price of €429 is available

    Required Reading
    Trainees should get a copy of Bernie Clark’s ‘Complete Guide to Yin Yoga’ which we will refer to during the course of the training.
    Trainees will also receive a manual containing notes pertaining to the content.


    To book your spot and pay your deposit please contact Claire or Kate at Maitri Studio Belfast at info@maitristudio.net