Maria, GP, Dublin

“We are in an extremely fast-moving and pressurised society. There is an ever-growing interest in yoga, mindfulness, and alternative therapies, as people search desperately for some calm amidst the mayhem of everyday working life. Yin yoga with Grace is a therapeutic journey we should all experience” 

Andrew, Life Coach, Dublin

"Grace is a fantastic yoga teacher combining a great knowledge of yoga postures with empowering language to encourage growth, mindfulness and well-being. I’ve been to several of her classes. I am really looking forward to the next one and am stunned at how transformative the last one was. I went in feeling stressed and came out feeling calm, loose and free. Brilliant"

Dorene, Banking Industry and Yoga Teacher, Dublin

“My first yin yoga class with Grace was in Australia. And it was incredible on so many levels. That class, and the others that followed, was the first real step in kick-starting my own healing journey following some life changing events. The space that Grace creates in her yin yoga classes promotes opening in the body and in the mind. The space is protecting, calm, safe, serene and nourishing. Her choice of music for each class is thoughtfully sequenced and always different. No two classes are ever the same. She has a tremendous capacity to lead and guide, gently encouraging you to trust your body and your mind, reminding you to remain present and to sit with the physical and emotional sensations evoked. When you take a yin yoga class with Grace, you feel as if you're the only yogi in the room. It's almost as if she can sense what you're feeling! Just at the point when you want to run away and come out of a pose - you'll hear Grace softly whispering to resist, to test your edge and to allow the healer within you do its job”

Ger, Primary School Teacher, Dublin

"Taking up yin yoga with Grace this January was probably my best New Year's Resolution yet Grace is an incredible teacher who guides you through your practice in a gentle, non-judgemental way. Practising yin with Grace has pushed me outside my comfort zone in the best way possible, and both my mind and body have reaped the benefits "

Marie, Yoga Teacher, Australia and India

"Grace was my first introduction to yin yoga more than 2 years ago now and I loved it so much that I was inspired to complete yin yoga teacher training myself. Grace's knowledge of the yin practice which not only incorporates the anatomical and physiological challenges and benefits but also the psychological shift, is second to none."

Augustus, Studio Owner, Indonesia

“I was looking for other forms of yoga to complement my Bikram yoga practice. I went to great lengths trying yin yoga at different studios and different teachers, but it wasn't really giving me what I was looking for until I took Grace's class. She literally hit the spot ... not only did I feel the stress on my ligaments, fascia and tendons, it also helped me meditate and quieten my thoughts. Her knowledge, compassion and style of teaching are very soothing to the mind, body and spirit. Her yin yoga class is a must try for beginners, mature yogis and exercise enthusiasts. Overall, a great experience. Can't wait to take her class again"

Lucie, Yoga Teacher, Czech Republic

"A few months ago I got the opportunity to take Grace's yin yoga class. I had zero idea what I was getting myself into but it was love at first try. Being a Bikram yoga teacher myself, and a huge gym enthusiast, I often find myself pushing too hard in many aspects of life. I came to the yin yoga class and soon found out that letting go of all of that would possibly be one of the biggest challenges ever. Yin yoga is anything but easy. It makes you face many deep and hidden issues in body and mind, and encourages you to embrace them, surrender and soften yourself to whatever they are trying to tell you. I was genuinely impressed with Grace's insight, knowledge of the bodies in front of her and gentle way she helped us align ourselves. Grace creates an amazing welcome atmosphere... the one thing that comes to mind is 'feeling safe'. I can honestly say that Grace is an amazing, caring and compassionate teacher, and yet ever so humble about the expertise she has. Long story short: yin yoga is amazing, Grace even more so. Trust me on that - I am not one to exaggerate"