Generally offered on weekends, workshops are at least two hours in length and offer students an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the practice. Workshops allow both the teacher and the practitioner to share a space of surrender. Readings and music playlists are created based on the chosen workshop theme. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any enquiries about workshops.


This is an ‘Introduction to Yin Yoga’ workshop tailored specifically to introduce total beginners to the practice. Studio owners might host me for an Introductyin workshop before deciding whether to offer yin yoga.



Vin Yin is a yoga workshop starting with an hour of vinyasa which mentally and physically prepares the student to hold the longer yin poses in the second hour. Workshops often incorporate live piano accompaniment.


In this workshop we will explore what is happening in the body. Rather than examining how the pose looks, we will instead explore how the pose can be adapted for each student’s particular skeleton so everyone can benefit.


In this workshop we will explore what is happening in the mind in our yin yoga practice. We will look at how we can incorporate mindfulness or deepen an already-established meditation or mindfulness practice.

Upcoming Workshops